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Wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone who had a great idea that they really loved created a flexible, do-able plan and then went for it – un-self-consciously, unapologetically and with the mindset of simply making the idea become as amazing as it can be?

This is what my podcast is all about. Helping you, your team and your business create your own legacies that you didn’t even imagine were possible through innovation, co-creation, intrapreneurship and facilitation.

I’m here to cheer you on and walk alongside you, an independent thinker, who wants to pioneer, create more and regurgitate less, and blast through gloss and BS to get into the substance of what really matters and really works.

Let’s trust in ourselves and listen to our own intuition. We’ll consult others, learn, listen to views, then take our stand and unapologetically do us. Bring on the ideas…

May 10, 2022

What is eco innovation?

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

- Einstein


It’s brilliant that so many businesses want to be part of the solution when it comes to combating climate change and protecting natural resources through improving day-to-day processes.


And, as Einstein observed, new challenges call for new solutions.


In addition to Government decarbonisation target dates looming ever closer, consumers and communities are demanding more transparency and products that are environmentally and socially responsible.


Eco innovation is aimed at driving progress towards sustainable business models and green economic growth, through new technologies, services, products or processes.


Eco innovation involves:

  • Thinking about the full life cycles of products and services, to gain maximum use from materials and retain their value in the economy
  • Making strategic changes to build sustainability into the DNA of every business process
  • Collaborating with customers, suppliers and partners to drive sustainability across the full supply chain


In this show, I’ll be giving an overview of what eco innovation is and sharing some examples of eco innovation in business.


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March 17, 2022

Influencing Skills for Innovation

You don’t have to be a person of influence to be influential. In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they’ve taught me.
– Scott Adams

In my day-to-day, I encounter so many great innovators who have what they think are brilliant ideas. However, some of them struggle to get these ideas across the line, because others don’t see the opportunity the same way. What’s obvious to an innovator may not be obvious to others.

Influencing skills go hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship and innovation, to onboard team members, customers, suppliers, stakeholders or investors to make great ideas happen.

I see influencing as a reciprocal process. It’s not all one way. Listening and taking other people’s good ideas on board often makes a promising idea even stronger.

In this show, I’ll provide a process and toolkit to support your influencing strategies for your innovation ambitions.

Sharing my Innovation Influencing Mix, I’ll cover:

  • Prioritising stakeholders
  • Innovation collaboration between organisations
  • Making your case using fundamental influencing principles
  • Building trust in business relationships

The focus will be on external partners, organisations and stakeholders, but these approaches work internally, too.

February 11, 2022

Deep Dive into Intrapreneurship

I’ve always been fascinated by what makes some people innovative and enterprising – or intrapreneurial – at work, and why some people prefer to be more risk averse and focus on managing the day-to-day, rather than actively seeking to shape the future.


Businesses need both, of course, to be successful.


It was this sheer passion and joy for all things intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship and innovation-related that led me to study for 6 years part-time to achieve my doctorate in my late forties (whilst working full time too).


In this show, I’m going to do a deep dive into intrapreneurship, including:

  • What is intrapreneurship, how is it different or similar to entrepreneurship?
  • Why and how all businesses benefit from intrapreneurship
  • Characteristics of successful intrapreneurs – based on research, including my own
  • How to develop intrapreneurial skills in yourself and others
  • Intrapreneurial culture

…and much more!


Whilst always grounded in evidence and research, the insights I share will be packed with practical things that you can do to improve intrapreneurship where you work.


#iintrapreneur #intrapreneurship #corporateentrepreneurship #innovation #businessgrowth

January 21, 2022

How to Facilitate a Goal Setting Workshop

"Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction." — Kenichi Ohmae

Setting meaningful, stretching but realistic goals is one of the keys to success in business innovation and growth.

When individuals and teams collaborate to set goals, they create an environment where team members work towards a shared vision, collaborate and perform better overall.

In this show, I discuss some of the science and evidence that inform effective goal setting for teams.

I also share a proven goal setting workshop agenda and toolkit of activities that you can use to facilitate your own goal setting workshops.

#goalsetting #facilitation #virtualfacilitation #innovation #businessgrowth

December 17, 2021

2022 Trends – a Round Up for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Are you looking ahead yet to 2022? Now’s a good a time to start as any, and I’ve done a bit of the hard work for you. 

I’ve reviewed a range of the leading trends reports for 2022 and will be sharing my overview for innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders in this episode.

Join me for a practical, evidence-based view of what’s likely to be important for consumers and businesses as the world continues to change in these unusual times.

You’ll get some useful tips and suggestions for how to use the 2022 trend insights that I share for your own business.

Plus, I’ll point you to all the original 2022 research references in case there’s a theme that you’d like to explore more deeply.

#innovation #entrepreneurship #innovationleadership #intrapreneurship #2022trends

December 3, 2021

How to Power Up Your Innovation Mindset

Do you want to put a ding in the universe?

Steve Jobs did.  And I think many of us want to, as well, in our own way.

It doesn’t have to be a huge ding. Lots of smaller dings add up.

As ding-making team members, innovators and leaders, we can all develop our innovation mindset to massively multiply the positive impact that we create.

We can learn to strengthen and maximise our unique, personal innovation thinking style by understanding it, and then by using approaches, tools and practice to help our minds work their magic in wise, brilliant and sometimes surprisingly cool ways.

The more we take our innovation brains for a spin and give them a great workout, the better, smarter and faster they’ll get at spotting interesting dots and connecting them to shape new opportunities.

We can learn to get better at hanging in there when ding-creation gets tough (it invariably does) because we recognise that there can be no great breakthroughs without having something to break through first.

Innovation mindset is at the origin of every successful – and unsuccessful – endeavour.

The ideas you and your business have, and how well you execute them, are what separate you from your competition. At the root of your innovation is the quality of your individual and collective thinking.

Mindset is a hugely important and, for me at least, endlessly fascinating aspect of innovation that is underexplored.


In this episode, I cover:

…What an innovation mindset is and why it’s important

…How to work out your own innovation thinking style preferences, and how they might affect the people you work with, and your own decision-making

…Practical, scientifically-proven and often fun and enjoyable ways that you can power up your own innovation mindset, and help your team to do the same.

November 19, 2021

Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative innovation happens when different organisations, or teams from the same organization, work in partnership to create new products, services or solutions.

It can be a brilliant approach to solving big, important challenges that need diverse inputs, pooled resources, and shared learning.

Collaborative innovation also has its ups and downs, at times! The key to success lies in understanding the potential challenges and benefits, being prepared for them, and developing the discernment and skills to both lead and contribute well.


In this episode, I’ll cover:

…What collaborative innovation is and how it works in practice at its best, with examples

…When collaborative innovation might be useful for an organisation, and when not

…The importance of selecting great partners for your collaboration, and some tips that might help

…Common pitfalls and critical success factors

…Collaborative innovation leadership skills, and how to develop them.


This is a content-rich episode, packed with pragmatic insight based on years of first-hand experience!

It would be great to hear your experiences of collaborative innovation, too.

  • What works or doesn’t work from your perspective?
  • What questions do you have that you’d really like me to answer?


As always, let’s see what insights and ideas we can co-create in the moment.

Looking forward to collaborating with you.

November 4, 2021

Innovation Strategy for Your Business

I believe innovation is all about coming up with great, new ideas and using them to make a positive difference in the world. 


Of course, innovation has always been with us. Everything we use or enjoy today is the result of an innovation from someone, somewhere. 


But it feels like we have never needed innovation as much as we need it now: emerging from the pandemic, tackling climate change, building a fairer, safer society and more.


Businesses of all sizes collectively play a major role in driving innovation. They also need to innovate. 


And the most successful businesses are those that are purpose-driven. 


Research by Deloitte in 2020 shows that purpose-driven companies experience higher market share gains, grow on average x3 faster than their competitors, and achieve higher employee and customer satisfaction.


Creating and implementing an intelligent, agile, dynamic and purpose-led innovation strategy makes a significant difference to business performance, resilience and sustainability.


In this episode, I’ll cover:


…What an innovation strategy is, and how an innovation strategy can accelerate purpose-driven business growth


…When an innovation strategy might be useful for an organisation, and when not


…How to get started with creating an innovation strategy that’s right for your business


…Some common pitfalls and critical success factors


It will be great to hear your experiences of shaping and implementing innovation strategy, and what works or doesn’t work from your perspective.


As always, let’s see what insights and ideas we can co-create in the moment.


Looking forward to collaborating with you.

#innovation #cocreation #innovationleadership #intrapreneurship #facilitation

October 29, 2021

How do Innovation Sprints Work?

How do innovation sprints, also known as design sprints, actually work? 

If you’ve not experienced one before, an innovation or design sprint is a short, focused, purposeful event designed to achieve solutions to a specific challenge or opportunity.

Together your delegates from inside and often outside your organisation will collaborate to collectively define what success looks like for your challenge or opportunity. 

They’ll generate and develop ideas to achieve that success, and create early prototypes and action plans.

Innovation sprints can be online, in-person or hybrid events.

I love designing and running sprints and have been facilitating them for years.

In the last few months alone, at the Big Bang we have facilitated sprints for our clients on themes such as:

  • New product development
  • Customer experience
  • Digital technology solutions
  • Business growth acceleration
  • Employee engagement 
  • Long-term environmental strategy
  • Climate change 

… and more.

But to be successful – which means achieving the target outcomes at the same time as creating a positive experience for delegates – a fantastic sprint needs to be expertly designed and facilitated. 


In this episode, I’ll cover:

…How innovation sprints work, and what makes them successful

…When an innovation sprint might be useful for an organisation, and when it’s not

…How to organise an innovation sprint for your business, avoiding some of the common pitfalls that can compromise success


It would be great to hear your experiences of running or participating in innovation sprints and what works or doesn’t work from your perspective.

As always, let’s see what insights and ideas we can co-create in the moment.

Looking forward to collaborating with you.


#innovation #cocreation #innovationleadership #intrapreneurship #facilitation

October 8, 2021

Thought-leadership and Innovation. Creativity and Critical Thinking

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if …


…everyone in business felt inspired, confident and unapologetic enough to think independently, create more and regurgitate less?

…people trusted in themselves and listened to their own intuition?

…they consulted others, took on board different perspectives, and then came to their own conclusions, thinking creatively AND critically?


Never before have we had so much access to such a huge diversity of opinion, data, information, and so many opportunities to connect with and follow people from around the world.

In some ways, we are in a wonderful golden age of shared thought and enlightenment because of all the online conversation and connections.

But is all that volume creating a reduction in the impact for us as innovators and consumers of content?

There’s a lot of noise out there, a lot of copying, as well as a myriad of insights and wisdom.

How might we find strategies to cut through the noise and find the gems that help us, as innovators, to create, communicate and consume for more meaningful outcomes?


I’d love you to join me for this show where I’ll be exploring the theme of thought-leadership and innovation.

Let me know what you think.

Contribute to the debate.

Let’s see what insights and ideas we can co-create in the moment.


Looking forward to collaborating with you.