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There are SO many things that you could be doing to grow your business, but only 24 hours in a day. So how do you decide which ideas will make the most difference to your bottom line? And how do you get results – fast? Tune in to Idea Time for tools, tips and interviews to find out how

Leadership: From Zero to Authentic Hero with special guest Nick Bradley

March 26, 2021

Join me and my special guest, Nick Bradley, founder of Mandala Leaders, for this week’s podcast on leading innovation and change. Don't forget to get a free copy of Nick’s book,  Zero to Authentic Hero.

Zero to Authentic Hero is designed to help you be the best version of your authentic leadership self and achieve much more success with much less stress.

Nick is a successful businessman having worked in investment banking and management consultancy for 30 years. He has a passion for inspiring individuals and businesses to achieve their purpose. He has travelled to support companies throughout Europe and the US and his skills have been geared to both leading and supporting individuals and teams through times of crisis and then to travel that hard path to create growth and success both personally and professionally.

Nick is qualified in Leadership from The Cranfield University School of Management. He is a qualified Business and Leadership Coach with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and a member of the Association of Business and Leadership Coaches (ABLC). In addition, Nick is qualified in Sports Psychology in Business. 

In the show, we discuss the 7 key steps of the leadership of innovation, change and challenge:

  • Step 1: Understanding your beliefs
  • Step 2: Having a clear purpose
  • Step 3: Living your core values
  • Step 4: Improving your skillset
  • Step 5: Communicating with clarity
  • Step 6: Living your legacy
  • Step 7: Building in resilience

If you’d like to access more free resources on innovation and business growth, head over to https://www.bigbangpartnership.co.uk/resources/. There’s loads of great stuff waiting for you!