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Category: Business

There are SO many things that you could be doing to grow your business, but only 24 hours in a day. So how do you decide which ideas will make the most difference to your bottom line? And how do you get results – fast? Tune in to Idea Time for tools, tips and interviews to find out how

How to Get Ideas Flowing in Virtual Workshops & Online Meetings

August 28, 2020

In this solo podcast I share practical tips and advice for facilitators on how to get ideas flowing in your virtual workshops and online meetings.

I also share information about my free online programme for facilitators, Supercharge Your Virtual Engagement on Zoom, which you can join for free HERE.

In the podcast you'll learn:

  • How ideas are formed and why that's important for your online sessions
  • How to design online workshops that work for diverse thinking and learning styles
  • How to use different creativity techniques through movement, words, numbers, objects, images and more to get and keep ideas flowing and make sure that delegate engagement stays high
  • Why creative idea generation techniques such as 'crazy eights'. co-consulting, expert interviews and lightning talks help with idea generation - and how to use them
  • Why traditional 'brainstorming' doesn't work - and what to do instead
  • Why it's important to give idea generation time and space

I hope you enjoy the show - let me know what you think, and share the things that you do to get and keep ideas flowing in your online workshops.