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There are SO many things that you could be doing to grow your business, but only 24 hours in a day. So how do you decide which ideas will make the most difference to your bottom line? And how do you get results – fast? Tune in to Idea Time for tools, tips and interviews to find out how

How to Facilitate Workshops with Broken Teams

March 13, 2020




In this podcast, How to Facilitate Workshops with Broken Teams, I explore dysfunction in teams and why teams might be broken, and move on to the theme of trust. I then share a suggested agenda with you that you can use and adapt and tweak if you are planning to facilitate a session with a team that is not connecting.

For those of you who haven’t met me, I am Jo North and I love facilitating, and I facilitate thousands of people every year, I facilitate all over the world, and I also help facilitators to learn how to facilitate as well. I run the Idea Time Academy, which is a membership site full of training and resources to help facilitators expand their creativity confidence, and skills in facilitating, and expand their impact as well.

You can also access some free, great resources to accompany the podcast here:

Plus, here's more info on the Lencioni model I mention.

I hope you enjoy the episode and find it useful - let me know what you think.