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Wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone who had a great idea that they really loved created a flexible, do-able plan and then went for it – un-self-consciously, unapologetically and with the mindset of simply making the idea become as amazing as it can be?

This is what my podcast is all about. Helping you, your team and your business create your own legacies that you didn’t even imagine were possible through innovation, co-creation, intrapreneurship and facilitation.

I’m here to cheer you on and walk alongside you, an independent thinker, who wants to pioneer, create more and regurgitate less, and blast through gloss and BS to get into the substance of what really matters and really works.

Let’s trust in ourselves and listen to our own intuition. We’ll consult others, learn, listen to views, then take our stand and unapologetically do us. Bring on the ideas…

How to Facilitate a Goal Setting Workshop

January 21, 2022

"Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction." — Kenichi Ohmae

Setting meaningful, stretching but realistic goals is one of the keys to success in business innovation and growth.

When individuals and teams collaborate to set goals, they create an environment where team members work towards a shared vision, collaborate and perform better overall.

In this show, I discuss some of the science and evidence that inform effective goal setting for teams.

I also share a proven goal setting workshop agenda and toolkit of activities that you can use to facilitate your own goal setting workshops.

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