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Wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone who had a great idea that they really loved created a flexible, do-able plan and then went for it – un-self-consciously, unapologetically and with the mindset of simply making the idea become as amazing as it can be?

This is what my podcast is all about. Helping you, your team and your business create your own legacies that you didn’t even imagine were possible through innovation, co-creation, intrapreneurship and facilitation.

I’m here to cheer you on and walk alongside you, an independent thinker, who wants to pioneer, create more and regurgitate less, and blast through gloss and BS to get into the substance of what really matters and really works.

Let’s trust in ourselves and listen to our own intuition. We’ll consult others, learn, listen to views, then take our stand and unapologetically do us. Bring on the ideas…

Collaborative Innovation

November 19, 2021

Collaborative innovation happens when different organisations, or teams from the same organization, work in partnership to create new products, services or solutions.

It can be a brilliant approach to solving big, important challenges that need diverse inputs, pooled resources, and shared learning.

Collaborative innovation also has its ups and downs, at times! The key to success lies in understanding the potential challenges and benefits, being prepared for them, and developing the discernment and skills to both lead and contribute well.


In this episode, I’ll cover:

…What collaborative innovation is and how it works in practice at its best, with examples

…When collaborative innovation might be useful for an organisation, and when not

…The importance of selecting great partners for your collaboration, and some tips that might help

…Common pitfalls and critical success factors

…Collaborative innovation leadership skills, and how to develop them.


This is a content-rich episode, packed with pragmatic insight based on years of first-hand experience!

It would be great to hear your experiences of collaborative innovation, too.

  • What works or doesn’t work from your perspective?
  • What questions do you have that you’d really like me to answer?


As always, let’s see what insights and ideas we can co-create in the moment.

Looking forward to collaborating with you.